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Locally Owned and Operated

Plumbing for New Construction

The design for your new custom home is complete and the builder is ready to begin. What you need now is a local Ottawa Valley plumbing contractor with an outstanding reputation in plumbing installation for new residential construction, Regional Plumbing & Water Treatment.

We work with individual homeowners on their custom homes and look forward to serving your every need. From a new plumbing installation to a new water treatment installation, our licensed plumbers can provide all the necessities and comforts you would want in a new home.

Custom Plumbing and Quality Water

Where do you want your kitchen, bathrooms or laundry room? Regional Plumbing & Water Treatment can install fixtures, a washing machine or a dishwasher on any floor, including the basement. If needed, a pump chamber can be installed during underground plumbing rough-in for rural applications.

You can also enjoy the best water quality the moment you enter your new home. Plan your water treatment installation with us and have peace of mind. We can establish a service plan arrangement to ensure the water treatment equipment you own remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Wash basin

Let’s Renovate

Whether you are renovating your kitchen, bath or the entire house, count on us to provide you a comprehensive service.

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