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Locally Owned and Operated

Water Treatment Services for Homes and Businesses
in the Ottawa Valley

You can have the most reliable and professional water treatment services from Carleton Place to Sharbo with Regional Plumbing & Water Treatment.

We can help improve your quality of life by improving the quality of your water, with  flow through carbon units.

Carbon units are great for getting rid of taste and odour out of city or municipal water by removing fluoride and chlorine.

We have experienced plumbers offering reliable residential and commercial plumbing and water treatment services across the Ottawa Valley.

Call us for:

Our Services

A range of water treatment services can solve your problems with rust stains in your sinks or a chlorine taste in your drinking water.

Call us for a consultation about what water conditioning equipment best serves your needs, including:

Water softeners

Iron and sulphur filtration units

Reverse osmosis systems

Ultraviolet light systems

In addition to sales and installation, our technicians maintain and repair all makes and models of water treatment equipment

 for homes, condos, cottages  and for small and medium business owners across the Ottawa Valley region.

Water bottle and glass

Quality Workmanship

Contact us to book a consultation and request a quote.

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