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Locally Owned and Operated

Commercial and Home Water Treatment Equipment in
Carleton Place

Whether you want to solve hard water problems at home or you need high-quality water for your restaurant operations, Regional Plumbing & Water Treatment can take care of your needs. We sell and install a wide range of equipment for commercial and home water treatment in the Ottawa Valley area.

We stay up to date with the technology in water treatment from water softeners to reverse osmosis systems. Learn about some of the top brand names we carry here.

PURA Reverse Osmosis System

A high-performance drinking water system from PURA is the clean water solution for your homes or office. The PURA reverse osmosis system offers:


Unlimited quality water

Great tasting water at a low cost

A compact system with easy filter changes

The Fusion Oxidizer – No More Iron and Sulphur

Here is your solution for rust stains and water that smells like rotten eggs. The Fusion Oxidizer from Waterite is Canadian made and environmentally friendly with the benefits of:


Chemical-free operation – regeneration requires no chemicals

A Paterson iron remover

Removal of sulphur from your water supply

Trojan UV Max™

From Trojan Technologies, experts in water disinfection systems for drinking water, UV Max™ water purification works without chemicals. Capable of destroying organisms resistant to chlorine, such as the protozoa Giardia, UV water treatment also leaves you with drinking water that looks, smells and tastes naturally clean.

As of May 2015, UV Max products for residential and commercial water purification were consolidated within the Trojan Technologies group VIQUA™. Ask the professionals at Regional Plumbing & Water Treatment about the same high-quality products and parts support that provides you with:


Integrated water purification system for homes and small businesses

Ultraviolet light technology

Engineering that meets higher standards

Waterite Electronic Water Softeners

Is your hard water leaving deposits on your taps, drying your skin and wearing out your clothes? A Waterite electronic water softener conditions the hardest water while being considerate to the environment and your budget.


Engineered, designed and assembled in Canada, Waterite’s water softeners sold, installed and maintained by Regional Plumbing & Water Treatment give you all the advantages of conditioned water, including:


Reduces mineral buildup in water lines and hot water tanks

Lower energy costs and smaller carbon footprint

Cleaner and brighter clothes with less laundry detergent use

No hard water spots on dishes and glassware

Call us in Carleton Place to learn more about the Fusion2™ and LE Series water softeners.

Leaking pipe

Licenced Plumbers

You can rely on us to provide you with experienced and licenced plumbers, to assess your plumbing needs.

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